Simple Sizing in Los Angeles: A Luxury Alternative to DownsizingWe have found that many people searching for a home in Los Angeles want a property that offers some of the benefits of downsizing, like less maintenance or a lower monthly payment to leave room for other investments, while maintaining their luxury lifestyle. Simple sizing is a new trend in home buying that might be your ideal alternative to downsizing.

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What is simple sizing?

Simple sizing is a trending approach to buying a home, with some of the same motivations as downsizing but some distinct differences. Instead of just looking for a home with a smaller price tag and a smaller square footage like you would when downsizing, simple sizing takes it a step further to ask how you can find a home that will help you simplify your life.

It is an extension or the minimalist movement as the thought process is applied to homeownership. Much like minimalism has lessened the burden of clutter and disorganization in many people’s lives, minimalism in house hunting allows you to essentialism what you are looking for and prioritize home features that will make your life easier.

Simple sizing is the process of choosing a home based on which properties will simplify your life the most, based on better storage solutions, lower maintenance levels, fewer bathrooms to clean, a lower mortgage payment, or whatever other criteria will make your life easier and support your goals.

Why is simple sizing trending in Los Angeles?

Homebuyers in Los Angeles are looking for ways to buy a home that helps them live the lifestyle they want. Simple sizing is the perfect way to do that. It helps you boil down your wish list to your essential items, critically thinking through your priorities so that the home you buy supports your goals rather than competing with them.

In a hot real estate market like Los Angeles, there is always going to be competition and a rising price tag. This means owning a home in Los Angeles is a reliably wise investment, but it also means you have to think carefully about what features your home needs to have in order to make confident and efficient decisions in  a competitive, fast paced market.

What are the benefit of simple sizing?

There are many benefits of simple sizing. When you choose a home that aligns with your goals and values, it will help you to enjoy your home and never resent it. Homeownership can be burdensome if you choose a property that requires more of your resources than you want to invest in it, including your time, thought, and energy.

Some of the benefits of simple sizing include:

  • Reclaiming more of your time so you can spend it on the things that matter most to you
  • Opening up more of your budget to work toward other financial goals and investments, or just to lower your financial stress
  • Supporting your intention to shift toward minimalism or simplifying your lifestyle
  • Allowing you to orient more of your time, energy, and money toward other goals, like retirement, starting a business, or becoming a stay at home parent

When should I consider simple sizing?

If you are considering essentializing your home buying journey through simple sizing, we can help. It might be time to simple size if you find that owning a home feels like a burden because of the amount of time and thought it requires to keep it maintained and organized, or if you want to free up more of your finances to funnel into other investments and goals.

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