Luxury Features to Add to Your Outdoor Space in Los Angeles

Owning a home in Los Angeles means you can enjoy your outdoor spaces all year round. Take full advantage of living in the mild Southern California climate by adding some of these luxury features to your outdoor space. You will enjoy your home more, while adding value to your home that becomes an added bonus when you design to refinance or sell your home in Los Angeles.

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Looking for inspiration for your outdoor space? Consider adding these features.

Infinity Pool

Having a pool in the backyard is almost essential if you are trying to upgrade your outdoor living space in Los Angeles. Take it to a luxurious new level by opting for an infinity pool. Designed to blend seamlessly with the horizon, these artfully engineered pools act as more than just a place to swim; they become an elegant water feature in and of themselves.

Elevate your infinity pool with cascading waterfalls, built in water slides in a faux rock structure, or a luxury hot tub. Your infinity pool can be designed to increase the value of your home and seamlessly blend with the architectural style of the house.

Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen will up your entertainment game dramatically. We’re talking about more than just a grill and patio table here. A true built-in outdoor kitchen will boost your home’s value and allow you to extend luxurious hospitality in your backyard.

Some of the features you might want to feature in your outdoor kitchen include:

  • Built-in barbecue or smoker
  • Pizza oven
  • Mini fridge
  • Tap for beer kegs or iced coffee
  • Ice maker
  • Bar with seating and cocktail supplies


Having a cozy place to sit outside after dark will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space even on the chillier nights. In Los Angeles, it’s rare to have an evening that is too cold to be outside if you have a fire feature.

While a fire pit will do the trick, a built in fireplace takes it to the next level. A fireplace can be designed to be an aesthetic focal point that complements the design of your home, surrounded by built in seating or comfortable outdoor furniture so that you can enjoy a drink around the fire with friends even in the middle of winter.

Outdoor Theater

Consider where you might add an outdoor theater to your space. With quality audio-visual technology and comfortable seating, you can create an outdoor entertainment experience that wows your guests or allows you to take family movie night to the next level.

Don’t forget to incorporate soft lighting in the vicinity and choose a location that is in convenient proximity to snacks and restrooms, and away from any road noise.

Wellness Features

Los Angeles is a city full of residents who care about their health. Incorporate wellness features into your outdoor design to support your health goals. One popular way to do this is by adding a sauna to the backyard, allowing you to detoxify in the comfort of your own home. Another option is designing an outdoor fitness space so you can enjoy your favorite workouts from home. You might create a peaceful zone that is perfect for yoga and meditation, or an aesthetically pleasing equipment storage system near turf for your high intensity workouts.


Add a sports court, putting green, or built-in lawn games so it’s always easy to get outside and play. Whether you have kids in the house or not, play is essential for good mental and physical health. This will also come in handy when you throw a party, and major installations like a tennis court add resale value to your home in the future. Outdoor entertainment is an easy way to ensure that you and your guests can enjoy your outdoor space all year long.

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