Selling a Home

Well, you’ve made the decision to sell your home… Now what? Selling a home can be extremely stressful. We get it! Our job and goal is to make this process as seamless and stress-free as possible.

Clearly, the earlier you can prepare to sell your home and move the better but sometimes were not always offered the luxury of time. We want to offer two different scenarios here; one where you have a at least six months before you sell versus one where you have a month or less.

What is your Home Worth?

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If you have time to prepare and list your property.

If you know you’re going to move within the next 4 to 8 months, now is a great time to start those preparations. Here are some steps that you can do within the next month or two to be better prepared when you do list and sell.

  • Interview real estate agents to find the right one that sells in your area. Make sure they sell dozens of homes a year and that this is their full-time job. When you feel comfortable with someone, consider entering into a listing agreement.
  • Schedule a pre-inspection. To fast track a lot of offers when the time comes, a pre-inspection ahead of time can help you prepare your home, fix any necessary issues, or correct issues that may have gone unnoticed. This pre-inspection can be a big selling point to buyers knowing that they can waive the inspection and that it’s already been done.
  • Consider a staging consultation. Even in a sellers market, sellers still need to stand out. Consider either a staging consultation or full staging service to get your home in top-notch condition for expert photos.
  • Start packing all unnecessary and personal items. Family photos, memorabilia, collections, knickknacks, and clutter should all be cleared and packed away. Remove at least half the items from closets, drawers, cupboards, and pantries so that each of these areas show plenty of space.
  • Plan a curb appeal. If you have the luxury of time, work on getting your landscape up to par. That might mean putting a good dose of nitrogen on the lawn, trimming, mowing, or even planting a few additional shrubs and plants that add to the curb appeal.

If you have less than a month.

If you need to move quickly either because of a job relocation or just something comes up, the luxury of time is definitely not on your side. However, there are a few things that you can do to prepare for the sale.

  • Use a real estate agent that is very familiar with real estate in your area and can help you make decisions quickly.
  • Clean and he clutter as best as possible. The quicker you can have amazing photos taken, the quicker you’ll get an offer and you can move on with your life. This might be a whirlwind of a month, but, once it’s over, you’ll be glad you did everything necessary to get the home sold.
  • Pack up anything and everything you can. Let the home look as free, open, clean, and clear as possible. Remember, you’re going to be packing up everything anyway, better start now.

Selling doesn’t necessarily have to be stressful and even if you have a shorter time to plan, planning and preparation is key to a stress-free move. Ready to get started? Want to know what your home is worth? Contact us at any time.


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