5 Fun Reasons to Relocate to Los Angeles

5 Fun Reasons to Relocate to Los Angeles – – So, you’re thinking about moving to Los Angeles? Relocating to such an iconic city as LA is often accompanied by a lot of big decision until ultimately you decide to take a chance and go for it. While the LA experience can vary pending on wants, desires, exact location and so much more, there are a few things to consider when choosing to move to the “City of Angels.”

5 Fun Reasons to Relocate to Los Angeles

It Has it All

Unlike many other cities, LA seemingly does indeed have it all. From nearby beaches, a bustling downtown district, as well as calm suburban neighborhoods, LA seems to have everything you could ever wish for, making moving to the area an easy decision for many.


As common within big cities, the traffic can get heavy, so knowing how to navigate the many intertwining freeways and public transportation systems will be key in traveling through the city. Unique to the area, the freeways within LA have two names, a number, and a name, for example, one of the most used freeways for beach access could be referred to as either the “101” or the “Ventura/Hollywood Freeway.” Make sure to brush up on the names and numbers of the freeways to travel through the city easily.


The best part of LA is simply the constant availability of entertainment. From sporting events, beach bonfires, rooftop parties, bars, as well as concerts and shows, there is no shortage of entertainment to be found within the city. Likewise, LA is unique in that is boasts dozens of micro-neighborhoods that have a slower more suburban feel, allowing you to enjoy both the nightlife of the city in downtown or a peaceful night at home in one of the “burbs.”

Get Plugged In

It’s easy to get lost in the city, the unending night life, shopping and days spent at the beach, however, the easiest way to enjoy LA long term is to simply get plugged into the community. There are hundreds of different events in LA, however the best places to meet other locals and build your LA community include:

Dog Parks

  • Gym Classes (especially yoga and cycling)
  • Events – check Eventbrite for upcoming events in the area
  • Farmers Markets to meet local vendors
  • Social Media – try meetup, peanut, bumble, etc.
  • Beach Volleyball – you can generally always find a group of friends playing and they are always up for an extra player!

Whether you’re relocating, looking for a short-term rental to explore the city, or hoping to settle down, LA is unique in that is has something for everyone. From the miles of sandy beaches, shopping along the iconic Rodeo Drive, or a night spent amongst friends at the many bars and dining establishments within the city, with the right real estate agent, you are guaranteed to find the perfect LA Real Estate to not only meet your needs but exceed them.

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