What to Consider when Buying Beachfront Property – As you dream of owning beachfront property, there are some things you need to keep in mind. Widely acknowledge as one of the best real state investment, owning beachfront property will add value to your life in many ways. Finding homes for sale by the beach that suits your specific needs and preferences is a challenge we love to take on, so contact us to find out how we can help.

What to Consider when Buying Beachfront Property

Choose Your Beach CommunityWhat to Consider when Buying Beachfront Property

The first step in finding your ideal Southern California beachfront property is determine which of the many communities by the beach is ideal for you. If you have not yet explored them, take the time to spend a day or a weekend in any of the communities you are considering, walking along the downtown streets, trying out a coffee shop and restaurant, and exploring the local amenities.

While every beachfront community in Southern California is known to be a place of steady demand and lucrative investments, there is likely one that will stand out to you as a personal favorite. The vibe of the area, the architectural styles, the local schools, and proximity to other parts of Los Angeles County are all factors you should take into account as you select your ideal location.

Consider the Property Itself, not Just the House

As you begin looking at homes, remember that the physical location of the property is the most significant factor. Nearly anything about the house itself can be changed to suit your preferences, but the view or beach access from the property is priceless and unchangeable.

Ask yourself what matters to you most in your ideal property. For example, you might decide to prioritize:

  • Walkability of the neighborhood
  • Sunset views
  • Size of the lot
  • Beach access
  • Proximity to dining and shopping
  • Traffic in the area

Think about Your Lifestyle

Consider your lifestyle, how much time you plan to spend in your beachfront property, and how long you hope to own the property. This will help you narrow down your choices to find the one you will love for years to come.

Are you looking for a vacation home? Perhaps you should prioritize being able to access great waves for a morning surf session, or maybe you like to vacation where it is peaceful and quiet. Imagine your ideal vacation experience and prioritize that as you consider your options.

Are you imagining yourself raising a family in this home? Then you should consider family-friendly amenities in the area, including the kid-friendly beaches nearby, proximity to your ideal schools, local parks and children’s museums, and commute time to the extended family you may want to regularly visit.

Do you like to change, and just like to buy something to enjoy for a few years as an investment? Keep resale value and demand in mind. We can help you find a property that you love while keeping its resale potential in mind for a few years down the road to maximize your investment.

Find Out About Local Building Codes

Nearly everyone who buys a beachfront property will want to know about local building restrictions in the area. Even if the property you are considering is something that is totally move-in ready, building codes and local guidelines in the area will still affect you as your neighbors make inevitable changes. For example, find out about height restrictions in the area and any potential for your views to be hindered by neighbors adding another story.

If a certain aesthetic is important to you, buying in a community governed by an HOA may be the best choice for you. Take the time to ask questions and explore, making sure you won’t overlook an element of the community that will become a future headache for you.

To learn more about finding homes for sale by the beach in Southern California, contact us any time.

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