Luxury Smart Home Features to Add to Your Home in 2023 – Adding technology to your home can make it more convenient and functional while adding to your home’s value. If you are planning a home renovation this year and wonder which smart home feature to include, or you just want to upgrade the technology in your home, we have a list of some luxury smart home tech you will love.

Luxury Smart Home Features to Add to Your Home in 2023

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Whether you are looking to upgrade your home for yourself or to prepare it to attract your ideal buyer, consider these luxury smart home features.

Luxury Smart Home Features to Add to Your Home in 2023

Window Coverings

Install smart window coverings that can be controlled by a keypad on the wall, your voice, or your phone. This is particularly helpful for windows that are out of reach in a tall room where you would like the option to block out light. Smart window coverings can also be set to open at a certain time, allowing you to sleep in comfortable darkness and be gently awoken by sun shining in when you are ready for it, rather than when the sun naturally rises.


A smart thermostat can optimize your energy usage while keeping the climate comfortable in your home. Control the temperature of your home from afar, turning on the air conditioning on your way home from a trip to arrive home to a comfortable temperature without cooling the home during the entire stay away. Your thermostat settings can be automated and optimized based on season and outdoor temperature, learning your preferred comfortable temperature and maintaining this level depending on the weather outside.


Nearly all kitchen appliances are now available with high tech features to make your life easier, including:

  • Ovens you can turn on from afar, preheating it on your way home.
  • Refrigerators with touch screens for grocery lists, internet access so you can pull up a recipe, and even remote access so you can check what you have on hand from the grocery store.
  • Coffee makers with preset settings so your ideal cup of joe is ready when you are.
  • Laundry machines that can sense what your clothes need, and even steam or fold your clothes for you.


A fully equipped security system is a must have for any luxury home. Smart security can give you the peace of mind you need, whether you are at home or away. Choose from the wide range of options available to create the ideal security package for your home, with features like:

  • Keyless entry, allowing you to let in housekeepers, guests, or maintenance workers and then change the code immediately after
  • Video surveillance, with a live stream to your phone
  • Alarms on all doors and windows
  • Pool alarms to alert you of an accidentally fall or other emergency
  • Automatic alerts for law enforcement if an incident occurs
  • Doorbell with camera and speaker
  • Locking package drop-off point


Create your ideal ambiance through smart lighting, dimming or changing the tone of the lighting depending on whether you are throwing a party, curling up on the couch, or getting some housework done. Lighting can be controlled from switches and keypads on the wall, from your device, or preset to dim at certain times of day.

Voice Control or App

Your smart home features can be controlled via an app on your personal devices, or you can opt for an AI operated voice control system. Not only can these smart home features increase the value of your home, being able to control each component from anywhere in the house with either your phone or just your own voice will add convenience you only could have dreamt of as a kid. We’re living in the future, and your home can reflect just that.

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