What Steps Do You Take If There Is Mold Damage? – A Mold issue in your home is a cause for concern. There are many health issues and infections that can occur as a result of mold exposure. A lot of times these health concerns can look like a common cold or allergies. If you notice any prolonged headaches, sore throat, or congestion in you or a loved one, you may have mold somewhere in your home.

What Steps Do You Take If There Is Mold Damage?

What Steps Do You Take If There Is Mold Damage?

What Do I Do If There Is Mold Damage In My Home?

If you think there is a mold issue in your home then you need to identify it and have it removed. Mold remediation or mold removal is not a DIY project. It requires a professional company. These companies will determine the mold levels in your home based on indoor air quality, testing, and inspection. A professional company will be certified, trained personnel who have experience removing and clearing mold from indoor environments,

What Does A Mold Remediation Company Do?

Antimicrobial Application

Antimicrobial Application is the first step. If you are aware of water damage and there isn’t necessarily a mold issue yet, a mold remediation company can supply an antimicrobial agent that prevents mold growth as the flooded area dries out. Antimicrobial agents can kill existing mold spores.

Source Identification

Mold is usually found in dark and wet spaces. This is typically bathrooms, cabinets under sinks, and window sills. A professional company will work to identify areas that have an elevated moisture concentration with special equipment. This helps determine where the moisture is coming from.


Mold spreads quickly. When the repair is complete then technicians isolate the area and work to eliminate the spread to other areas. Containing the issue is critical for your property to prevent a continued issue.

Air Filtration

While the mold removal process is underway it is possible that mold spores could become airborne. This means that not only does the mold remediation need to be contained, but the air needs to be cleaned. This is done with something called a negative air machine that uses high-efficiency particulate air filters that run through the entire remediation.

Removal and Cleanup

Most mold remediation projects require all affected materials to be removed completely. This can mean drywall, insulation, carpet, wood trim, and even furniture. If the affected area is larger than 10 sq feet in a licensed environment; the hygenist will give to give final clearance on proper mitigation to re-enter the premise.

In most instances, the only effective way to ensure proper remediation from mold damage is to remove affected materials completely. This commonly involves drywall, insulation, wood trim, carpet, and even furniture.


Depending on what is contaminated removal and replacement make be necessary. Restoration services remove affected areas and repair affected areas with new material.

In Conclusion

Mold removal from mold damage is challenging and requires professional attention with specialized equipment. You need a certified company to do the job and make sure your mold issue is treated properly to avoid toxic and potential health hazards. You must work with a trusted mitigation company.

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