What to Know About Beverly Hills Schools

What to Know About Beverly Hills Schools – Households planning to raise children in Beverly Hills have an impressive list of private school choices in the area, including many of the best in the state. To help narrow down the options and and determine which school or schools will best suit your students, we’ve highlighted a few below.

Beverly Hills Schools

The Archer School for Girls

Located in Brentwood, The Archer School for Girls is dedicated to empowering young women in grades 6th through 12th to discover their passions and potential in a joyful and ambitious environment. There are 10 varsity sports, over 30 student led clubs, an average class size of 16, and a student teacher ratio of 7:1. Girls at The Archer School benefit from curriculum featuring STEM, coding, and Chinese courses, all in an inclusive and positive environment with a flexible tuition option. The Archer School has admitted students from 155 feeder schools across 81 zip codes, ensuring a racial and socioeconomic diversity on campus.

Brentwood School

With two campuses in Brentwood, Brentwood School is “a place where scholars, athletes, artists, and activists, inventors and aspiring leaders are all at home.” The K-12 school boasts impressive student teacher ratios of 7:1 for kindergarten, 11:1 for grades 1 through 6, and 8:1 for grades 7 through 12. There is substantial competition to get into the Brentwood School, with its excellent reputation and long list of celebrity alumni.

Carlthorp School

Established in 1939, Carlthorp School is a K-6 school located in Santa Monica, the oldest independent coeducational school in the state. The school is focused on producing a strong academic foundation, with an emphasis on respectful values, responsible work habits, and excellence. With a student teacher ratio of just 6:1, students at Carlthorp School benefit from focused, individualized attention. This prestigious school appeals to affluent families, and requires multiple letters of reference for acceptance.

Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences

With over 50 years of history that has earned them an excellent reputation, Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences has a long list of A-list alumni. This K-12 school has a student teacher ratio of 8:1, and is known for combining a strong academic foundation with a progressive and artistic atmosphere. The school is located in Santa Monica, a reasonable commuting distance from Beverly Hills

Curtis School

Curtis School is a K-6 school located in the Mulholland Corridor. The school is known for its rigorous curriculum and no nonsense approach, with a serious emphasis placed on privacy that makes it an excellent choice for high profile families and students. Class sizes and student teacher ratios are excellent, allowing your student to excel in academics on the exclusive, 27-acre campus.

Geffen Academy at UCLA

One of the newest schools in the area, Geffen Academy takes a cutting-edge approach to education or students in grades 6-12. The inclusive, university-affiliated Westwood school generated significant buzz for its progressive approach and impressive funding. Many UCLA staff families make up 50% the student body, and all students benefit from access to extended hours, robotics, a makers space, and UCLA research facilities.

Harvard-Westlake School

Located in Bel Air, Harvard-Westlake School is one of the most well known private schools in the area, with a decades long impressive reputation. The school is known for its high pressure academics, producing a significant percentage of Ivy Leage attendees, but for the price of hours of homework each night. Students in grades 7-12 will received a high quality education in a prestigious environment. The school is extremely difficult to get into, but produces impressive results.

The John Thomas Dye School

Also located in Bel Air, The John Thomas Dye School is a K-6 school known as a feeder for many of LA’s top high schools. The school requires a high level of parent involvement, with three mandatory hours of library duty each week. The school was opened in 1929, and has a reputation for offering scholarships to middle income families to provide access to a diverse student body.

Mirman School for Highly Gifted Children

Mirman School for Highly Gifted Children is a K-8 school located in Bel Air with a student teacher ratio of 6:1. The school specializes in helping gifted children excel, and defines gifted as, “a developmental designation that encompasses a wide swath of traits, personalities, and strengths, even as it only represents a small portion of the population.” If your has a high IQ, a rich inner life, imaginary friends, and a distinct sense of justice and ability to empathize with others, or other exceptional traits, the Mirman School may be a good fit.

New Roads

One of the newer schools in the area, New Roads was established in 1995 and is located in Santa Monica. The school emphasizes alternative educational methods with a hands on approach. The college prep school serves students K-12 with an 11:1 student teacher ratio. The school has a very clear mission of seeking to “liberate young individuals through the pursuit of justice, equity, and opportunity; raising generations of powerfully compassionate advocates in an intellectual habitat driven by authentic diversity — ultimately empowering them to disrupt systems that produce inequality and build a more just future.”

UCLA Lab School

Located in Westwood, UCLA Lab School is open for students from ages 4 to 12, with programs beginning in preschool. The school is a lab for the latest in child development research at UCLA, which translates into the most up to date practices and a diverse student body that reflects the racial, cultural and socioeconomic makeup of L.A. in percentages, an essential factor to ensure the validity of the research.

Westland School

Establihsed in 1949, Westland School is a K-6 institution in Bel Air, with a student teacher ratio of 11:1. The school emphasizes parent involvement and outdoor education, in addition to a strong traditional academic curriculum. Students can work in the organic edible community garden or collect eggs from the chicken coop, and enjoy restaurant quality meals at school.

Wildwood School

Wildwood School is located in Marina del Rey, serving students K-12 in a small academic environment with student teacher ratios of about 9:1 for K-6 and 15:1 for 7-12. The school is a traditional, prestigious Hollywood institution, with a star studded student and alumni community. Students benefit from access to well funded resources and facilities as well as a rigorous curriculum.

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