When you imagine your dream lifestyle in Los Angeles, does it include regular trips to your favorite farmers market? With beautiful weather all year round that accommodate outdoor markets, and an abundance of local small business and small farms available, Los Angeles is home to some of the best farmers’ markets in the nation.

Best Farmers Markets in Los Angeles 2023

Farmers markets are the perfect place to buy the highest quality, freshest produce. In addition to finding seasonal and locally sourced produce, you will be supporting the local economy and accessing exclusive products and goods from members of the community. Mayne people find that the shopping they do at a Los Angeles farmers market is simply beyond comparison to anything they find in a store. If you are looking for some to explore this week, check out this list of some of the best farmer’s markets in Los Angeles.

Hollywood Farmer’s Market

Every Sunday morning, the Hollywood Farmers Market takes place on Selma and Ivar. It is one of the largest farmers markets in the state, with over 160 vendors. You will find everything from produce stands to local artisans with cult followings, like like Harry’s Berries, pork from Peads & Barnetts,  and Japanese rice from Koda Farms. Prepared foods and pop up locations from top LA restaurants are also part of the scene, making this your favorite Sunday morning hot spot in Hollywood.

Downtown Santa Monica Farmers Market

If you are not busy on a Wednesday morning, or if you can spare a leisurely weekday lunch break, stop by the Downtown Santa Monica Farmers Market. Santa Monica actually hosts four farmers markets throughout the week, but the Wednesday morning one is known for chef sightings from top LA restaurants, particularly because of the market’s impressive selection of unique produce. If you’re seriously looking for the best local produce to bring home or something new and exciting to try cooking, this is the market for you.

The Original Farmers Market

The Original Farmers Market in Los Angeles is open 7 days a week, and has been running since 1934. While this is a top tourist spot, it’s also a great place for local residents to do their shopping or try a new restaurant. You will find an impressive array of vendors, from butchers to local produce to artisan prepared foods. Even if you just stop by to find something fun to eat, you will love the many unique choices from the market’s restaurants.

Mar Vista Farmers Market

Near the vibrant heart of Venice Beach, Mar Vista Farmers Market is known for being particularly family friendly. Kids can enjoy free craft workshops and cooking classes at the market, and parents will love the vendors’ array of cheese, wine, baked goods, produce, and unique prepared foods. Enjoy lunch from one of the vendors under the shade at the outdoor food emporium. There is also a bike valet and tune up available for those who cycle to the market instead of driving.

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