Spooktacular Haunted Tours in Hollywood to Check Out 2022 – Many historic sites have embraced haunted tours on the grounds as an exciting way to engage visitors who will gladly pay for a “ghost” tour in a way to approach our history with a touch of fun. Not all haunted houses are scary, nor are they all about murder, scandal, and scaring the pants off people. Tours can be a great hands-on experience with interactive tours for a fun memorable time with the family! Gaining a new perspective on a popular destination, and therefore exploring more of the city in a different way. Spooktacular Haunted Tours in Hollywood to Check Out 2022

Most people think of Hollywood as the home of glitz and glamour, and while there is plenty of that, the city also has its fair share of sordid secrets to uncover. Continue to read to find some tours that are spooktacular in the lure they have sharing history and fun all in one! 

Spooktacular Haunted Tours in Hollywood to Check Out 2022

The Ghosts of Hollywood Tour 

Our All-Ages Ghost Tour 

The Ghosts of Hollywood Tour will take you and your family on a journey to meet the ghosts of Hollywood, CA. This tour will be exploring the ghostly characters that once called this city home: from A-list actors to local personalities, you will come to find that Hollywood is teeming with more than a handful of star-studded spirits.

History is put front and center with this tour, but it is done in a fun, immersive way. This tour is a walking tour with many of the locations featured on tv shows such as Ghost Hunters and Ghost Explorers. The tour typically lasts as long as 90 minutes, all ages are welcome, and the tour is pet-friendly. 

Ages 0-5: Free 

Ages 6-11: $9.99 

Ages 12+: $24.99 

The Fame Kills Ghost Tour 

Hollywood’s ONLY Adult Ghost Tour 

The Fame Kills Ghost Tour is Hollywood’s adult-only ghost tour, centering mainly around the tragedies of the most famed celebrities that graced Hollywood and their hauntings of the city. Stories told of the ghosts caused by the darker sides of human nature are the main topic of this historical tour, perfect for the lovers of the macabre. Mature topics are covered in this tour, and there is the chance of exposure to mature language, as well.

This tour is a walking tour of Hollywood Boulevard and the crimes, murders, and deaths that took place there, along with the stories of the ghosts of the departed that haunt these sightly scenes. The tour typically lasts as long as 90 minutes, adult only, and the tour is pet-friendly. 

Ages 16+ only: $34.99 

Haunted Hollywood Walking Tours: True Crime, Creepy Tales 

Our All-Ages Ghost Tour 

The Haunted Hollywood Walking Tours: True Crime, Creepy Tales will lead you on a fright-filled walk down the Boulevard of Broken Dreams to visit haunted hotels, theaters, and landmarks. True crime, the paranormal, and the history of Hollywood are all discussed on this tour. Expert guides with a passion for LA history will take their tourists on a two-hour haunted tour. Some of the favorite stories featured include The Hollywood Ripper, the ghost of Marilyn Monroe, and the Pantages Theatre. From ghosts to arson to the occasional serial killer, Hollywood is veiled in secrets. 

Per Adult: $39.00 

Spooktacular Haunted Tours in Hollywood are where it’s at! Stay tuned for more information on local events and things to do. We are your Hollywood real estate professionals for all luxury homes and real estate listings in and around Luxury Los Angeles.

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